Il coccodrillo di pane

AGENDO voluntary organization

AGENDO, a voluntary organization based in Vicenza, was legally established in 1985. This organization follows the example of similar Italian and foreign organizations in seeking to promote knowledge about Down Syndrome.
AGENDO encourages existing local socio-health programs along with schools, to implement appropriate rehabilitation and educational interventions.

AGENDO's aims

Our Organization aims to:

  • support parents of children living with Down Syndrome with the acceptance process;
  • bring together parents to share their unique challenges and provide encouragement;
  • facilitate the inclusion of children living with Down Syndrome into nursery schools, public and private schools;
  • promote the development of socialization and maturation necessary for entry into compulsory schooling;
  • promote research initiatives in the development of suitable programs in the areas of neurological, mental and the expressive potential of children living with Down Syndrome.
La Bottega di Nonna Papera

Agendo Social Cooperative Society

In 2016, AGENDO Social Cooperative Society was founded as an extension of AGENDO ODV and works to be able to experiment with job training initiatives at La Bottega di Nonna Papera Pastry Shop, the Fuori di Zucca Fruit and Vegetable Shop, and the CreativAgendo Laboratory.

At these businesses, led by qualified educators, psychologists and social health workers, small groups of young adults living with intellectual challenges participate in craft workshops, as well as the assembling and packaging of products. The objective is to provide opportunities to encourage individual expression of aptitude, while developing different types of manual skill. Once identified, these skills will be strengthened day after day in the work environment.
Each of these individuals will experience their identity as citizens, whose contribution is valued as part of an inclusive and vibrant society. With perseverance, participants will gain confidence and the ability to express themselves while cultivating a life of passion and purpose.


By developing a mutual spirit of solidarity among citizens the Cooperative aims to pursue the general interests of the community. In this way, social, healthcare and educational services are managed in response to the needs of people living with intellectual disabilities, relational, behavioral or family problems. Agricultural, industrial, commercial or service activities are also carried out to promote the employment of disadvantaged and other vulnerable individuals.
The first projects of the Cooperative concerned not only the employment sector (Experimental Day Centre), and job placement (at the Cooperative’s shops or other external environments), but also included housing autonomy (CasAgendo 1 & 2).
Over the years, the projects encouraged by Law n.112/2016 “After us” have evolved thanks to new local collaborations with profit and non-profit organizations. With regards to the preparatory courses aimed at supporting the transition from leaving the family unit through cohabitation experiences on the weekend/week at CasAgendo 1 & 2, these activities have allowed our young adults to acquire healthy domestic skills while building a collaborative skill base.